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Overcome the anxiety of travel with your child with Autism. Why Gatwick should be your London Airport of choice.

“Gatwick is the airport for everyone. We aim to be the UK,s most accessible airport, putting the needs of every passenger first and giving everybody an equal opportunity to fly”. Travel and Autism, are an interesting mix. Airports can be stressful for anybody, but imagine the noise and the unpredictability and how that could affect […]

How to create a sensory space to be proud of, on a budget

As explained in my previous post, a sensory space or room is ideal to help soothe an autistic individual when they are having sensory overload. The calming noises, lights and textures can help to distract them from the stress they may experience from too much sensory stimulation.  You will often find sensory rooms in special […]

The subject of the “birds and the bees “. How we deal with a sensitive issue with humour and erm … dignity ?

So this is a tricky subject for anyone with children without Autism , trying to manage the subject with a child with Autism , can be even more troublesome? Up until fairly recently, my son and I would share showers together . It’s easier as he needs help with washing and rinsing himself. The day […]

Relaxing Caramel Latte? Not a chance! How to deal with the Autism meltdowns in public.

Since writing my blog, I have done some market research and learned that parents of children with autism spectrum disorder believe their biggest challenges to be dealing with public autism meltdowns and handling the in laws. (I will cover the in laws issue in another post as I suspect it will be a very long […]

How to help my child with Autism, make friends. “Mummy, ask Arthur if he likes me”

You don’t need me to tell you that friendships are so important. Friendships formed between anyone on the Spectrum, are particularly important and need to be nurtured. My biggest fear for my son is that he be bullied. This thought terrifies me. At the moment he is doing ok socially, he has a few regular […]

Literal thinking . “You don’t need to go to work mummy, I have money in my money box”

Literal thinking is a common trait in Autism. The other day my son was trying to tell me something. “Spit it out” I said, and he did just that. He spat on the ground. How could I be annoyed at that. He just did as I asked . There have been lots of times when […]

“Think”happy and you will be happy. The power of visualisation and the promise of the universe , to each one of us.

As busy mums to children with special needs, it is no suprising that many of us get low moods, feel stressed and maybe even get depressed at times. It can be a very lonely and isolated existence. Actually I am going to re phrase that and say it can feel like a lonely and isolated […]